If you’re in home business network marketing, you will find the old school way of trying to organize a three way call with your up line or somebody more experienced in your team as quite challenging.


So first of all, I’m going to run through with you some scenarios on why it’s challenging and then I’m going to give you some really cool ways of why three-way messengers are much more powerful.


So basically who feels weird when you’re trying to organize a three way call?


You start a new business. Your leader telling you to organize three-way calls. You’ve already gone out there and trying to generate the interest that you have this brand new opportunity. And then suddenly, you’re not in the know and you don’t have enough knowledge to share this with the new person.


So you’ve got to try and organize this three way call and it can make you feel a little bit icky.


It can make you feel a little bit disempowered, although everybody’s got to start somewhere!


What I personally found in the beginning when I used to try and arrange these three way calls, you end up becoming like a receptionist for your up line!


It’s a struggle in itself trying to connect three different people with different schedules to try and come on this three way call together, and usually you’re running off your up line’s diary or the person that’s more experienced because it’s their time that is more valuable at the time.


So you are trying to connect all these three people together. There was actually a time when it took me about four days to get an appointment with my up line.

This is a true story about four days!  to to get some time with my up line??

I built a relationship with the prospect.  She was happy to come and go with different appointment schedules that was getting a little bit annoying, but we managed to finally nail this appointment time.

When my up line finally got on this call, she was actually running around the car park at the time, puffing and panting out of breath, clearly not present for the call. Um, to be honest, it was a nightmare!!


Watch video for all the reasons why Facebook messenger is working now, AND Why 3 Way Messenger is a Powerful Rejection Free alternative to 3 Way Calls


Three way telephone calls are long gone. So anything we can do on social media to move our business forward faster and with a personal touch is always going to work.

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