Reasons To Have a Blog


Cool Reasons To Have a Blog For Your Home Business


Why is it important to have a blog for your home business?


It’s super important!


Some Cool Reasons to Have a Blog are……..


One being it’s really the only piece of online real estate that you actually own! Your blog being branded to you. Is one of the main Reasons to Have a Blog!


Also, your list that you’re building by generating the leads from your blog is so important!

Your never ending list you’re growing is also your most valuable asset!


Things like social media, Facebook, YouTube, any of these platforms can be taken away from you at any time. You can go to Facebook jail. They can shut down your YouTube channel.


Obviously, when this happens, you’ve lost everything. You can recreate another one, but you’ve pretty much lost everything. With blog, it’s something that you’d actually own!


Another one of the cool Reasons to Have a Blog is …….


Your blog is going to start to generate you leads like crazy when it’s done the correct way.


A lot of people now are doing vlogging, video blogging. When you get your videos out there, they’re going to start to generate leads for you, for years to come!


The more content you start to put on your blog, like property, the more valuable it’s going to be to somebody.

If you’re putting out really good content, you’re going to have people coming back time after time, because they’re going to learn from you. It will go up in value!


Your own online real estate! Huge one of our Reasons to Have a Blog!


This is where people will see you as a leader. They’re going to see you as an authority. You can blog about your home business, or you can brand it to yourself. (I always recommend branding yourself, happy to discuss that when you connect)


People will absolutely start reaching out to you to see what it is that you’re doing.


You can create opt-ins on your blog. Again, another lead generation strategy, where you’re collecting names and numbers. Massive one of our Reasons to Have a Blog!


And another one of the cool Reasons to Have a Blog ….


You’re basically always going to be building your list from your blog.

This list is going to be so powerful at a later day, because you can actually start to market to those people.

What will start to happen from having a blog, people will go from being a totally cold market, to becoming a warm market. They’re actually getting to know you.


Of course, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. We all know people don’t join companies, they join people.


This is another great on of my Reasons to Have a Blog!


You don’t need to be technical to have a blog. I didn’t have a clue. To be honest, I still cannot use an excel spreadsheet! (well the very basics)


I am the last techie person you would ever find on this planet. What I have done is aligned myself with a fantastic online education school. Which pretty much teaches me everything I know about growing an online business.


If you want to come along and have a look, or take a peek at how I blog, or you want to get started in blogging for your business

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