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“Why Use Online Attraction Marketing”


Why Use Online Attraction Marketing To Grow Your Home Business?


This week I share with you an Interview I did for my good friend and colleague Jasmine Kratz CEO  @ Inspired Impact 


Also Home Business Guru and power house Mumpreneur making a difference in people’s lives xx


She interviews me for her team training on the power of online attraction marketing and what it can do for your home business with leadership and expert status



She asked questions –


  1. How did I learn how to attract clients to my home biz online, and how has this been a game changer for me?



  1. What has showing up this way done for my team’s confidence in me and our leadership?



  1. Why is leading with value so important and how has that helped me being seen as an expert and professional network marketer



I share some answers and content in this interview, why I chose to use online attraction marketing for my home business.


Take Away some Nuggets LISTEN BELOW !







If you want to learn how to be the hunted instead of the hunter, you need to be using online attraction marketing for your home business.


No more chasing family & friends!



Brand Yourself Online & Become the go to person in your niche…..and always lead with valuable content and advice x


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