Sharing Network Marketing Tips On Why You Should Attend Company Events


There’s many reasons why you should be going to company event. Including all the Network Marketing Tips you learn from all the leaders on stage!


Getting to these events are going to increase your belief in what you’re doing.


If you don’t believe in yourself, how would you expect anybody else to believe in you?


I would say in the network marketing industry and learning the tools and learning how to speak to people, obviously, there’s a skill set that comes with it. 10% of your overall business I would say is skill set but 90% is going to be belief. You got to be building your mindset and building your belief at all times.


Network Marketing Tips 101


You are going to hear some inspirational stories on that stage of people that are way worse off than you. Single moms with four children and they’ve managed to created unlimited income for themselves. There’s people out there that will share stories that will completely inspire you. When you leave the event, more action is taken after attending events and more success stories happen straight after leaving an event.


Network Marketing Tips 102      


Big decisions are made from leaving those events.


People will literally come back and go out the doors running towards their goals.


Don’t expect other people to attend if you’re not attending. If you are planning to create a team or grow a team and you’re not going to those events, don’t expect your team to go.


You need to be showing up because leaders show up and leaders go to these events. Not to mention the electricity of energy that is provided at these events, the excitement that comes with it, the tools that you learn, the stories that you hear, the notes that you take, the gold nuggets that you take away and learning from the best.


Network Marketing Tips 103


All leaders go to events. That’s a sign, isn’t it?


Leaders work with people that go to events. If you’re wondering why your up line isn’t reaching out or you’re feeling a little bit neglected check yourself for  not attending events.

When you start going to these events, leaders will bend down and help pick you up and help guide you to your success. Links arms!


Absolutely you need to be investing in yourself and you need to be getting to events. No excuses!!





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