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working from home help-


How would you like to start outsourcing some of those tedious tasks in your home business and get rid of all the overwhelm?

Get some well needed Working From Home Help?


In the beginning, even if you’re only making a small amount of money within your business, there are certain tasks that you can start to outsource for Working From Home Help..


All the little things that are bogging you down, whether it’s creating images for Facebook. Anything that you don’t need to be a part of, you can actually start outsourcing and get some Working From Home Help.


First to do is write yourself two lists and decide where do you need to be within your business.


Income-producing activities, of course, you need to be there. You’ve got to be talking to your team. You’ve got to be on your webinars. You’ve got to be making your phone calls, doing your follow-ups.

Obviously, you can’t outsource any of that. However, you can start outsourcing anything that doesn’t technically need you to be involved.

Working From Home Help is on the way!


If you need to create a PowerPoint presentation, you could throw the content together and outsource it to get it flowered up…


If you need to schedule a post for 30 days to go out on your fan page, outsource it.


All the graphic design stuff that is bogging you down, some people may love doing it. I’m not that creative, to be honest with you. Anything like that, I like to outsource, but you really need to write down a list of what is draining you in your business..



Brain-dump everything you can onto your list and just really, really offload. You will see in front of you where you need to be and where you don’t need to be. Basically, you’re going to highlight all the income-producing activities that make you money. That’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to outsource every single thing else that you don’t need to do, okay?


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Okay. I can’t afford it. I’ve just got started. I’m brand new internet marketing space. I’m brand new to working from home.

I can’t afford to outsource.” Well, I’m going to share with you a few little places today that are really inexpensive places for you to find some cool cheap outsources that can assist with your Working From Home Help.


Number one is

You can literally go and get your banners made, your graphics, anything. You could get PowerPoint presentations made. You can go on there. Make sure you do. A little bit like if you’re shopping on eBay. Make sure you check the start ratings. You know, read them. Read the reviews and just have a scour about what you can get so much good stuff done on Fiverr..


Another one is a little bit more expensive –


However, if you really want to start branding yourself and you want to create some logos and some cool graphics and things, you will pay a bit more, but you’ll get a lot of different outsources coming to almost bid for your job and give you lots of different designs. You’ll be able to choose from them, is great for your business.


Now, where you might get a little lost is if you used Google and search Virtual Assistant, you’re going to come up with heaps and heaps of these companies, that can provide Working From Home Help


We have like


There’s heaps of Filipino companies that promote virtual assistants.


These companies are fantastic. However, what you will find is you will probably need to commit to about 20 hours a week.


Some of you might be at that level in your business. I mean you’re talking like $5 an hour to have a virtual assistant for Home Business Help


Some of you may be at that level in your business, and it’s absolutely worth having a PA, for literally a couple of hundred dollars a month.


For me is by far, even though I do outsource 10, 20 hours a week, I’m using different people for the different tasks for the specialties that I find are for what I need for my Working From Home Help


For full info on how I outsource my Working From Home Help watch the full video x




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