Manage Facebook Lists


Manage Facebook Lists When Prospecting Your MLM

Manage Facebook Lists  when you’re prospecting on Facebook.

Use Facebook to build your home business.

Facebook does allow you to have 5000 friends and it can get quite hard to manage for all prospects. They’re not your friends as such, they’re people you’ve met on Facebook.

You’ve connected with them because they’re in home business so I’m going to show you how to categorize these people which will make it easy for you to Manage Facebook Lists and stay in touch with them a little bit more.


Another really cool reason to Manage Facebook Lists is you can almost use it like a content management system. After speaking with prospects add them to another list e.g. warm prospect etc.. So many cool reasons to Manage Facebook Lists


Another idea you can do is stay in touch with your team, if I was going to do a post to my team today and I could either say, “Hey guys. Don’t forget tonight’s call.” I could click within my team list, this one isn’t going to go public, I don’t want to annoy my friends and family, I’m going to choose my team list  and I’m going to send it to everybody  in my team to remind them of tonight’s call. Manage Facebook Lists Top tip!

You can also get really savvy with your lists and just posts certain posts to certain people. If you’ve got something cool happening and you want to generate interest to your prospects, do a post, and drop it down, post to and Manage Facebook Lists this way

As you are getting all your friend requests coming through, They generally will be always be coming from a home based business, as you confirm them and bring them in, you can literally straight away be categorizing them into different lists fab way to  Manage Facebook Lists to keep on track!

I hope you got some value from this training today guys. If you’re looking to generate leads or build your business online using Facebook, reach out to me at and come and connect. Now go and Manage Facebook Lists!





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