How To Build Facebook Audience In 5 Savvy Ways!


How To Build FacebookAudience In 5 Savvy Ways!


What’s the best way to build Facebook audience?



Today I’m going to share with you 5 different ways that you can build Facebook audience.



1.There’s people that will go out and Build Facebook Audience of collecting friends so they will literally go out and collect 5,000 friends and try and get themselves up to their limit.



The issue with this, Facebook has an algorithm where they will probably only show your posts to about 5 to 10% of your friends and it’s always the people that are interacting with you that are going to see your posts anyway.


So unless you’re making friends with 5,000 people and interacting with them on a daily and weekly basis, it’s highly unlikely that all of these people are going to see your posts anyway.


Now this is okay for really successful network markets out there.

They have absolutely topped their 5,000 limit and that’s probably due to a lot of people asking to be their friends because they want to follow them and see what they’re doing.


The wrong way to do it is, (and what I see happen sometimes to myself is) there’s people literally going out there in the beginning and thinking that if they go and try and friend request and Build Facebook Audience of 5,000 friends in the home-based business, that they can almost just spam their information on their profile page to those people.



They think by growing their audience to 5,000 it’s going to give them a bigger audience. It just doesn’t work like that and to be honest, how can you build a relationship with 5,000 people?


2.Number two is still Build Facebook Audience on your profile page. (It’s building an audience but at a lot slower pace)



You’re in network marketing. You’re in a relationship business!

So if you’re out there just making friends and not interacting you’re gonna have a problem, go slow to go fast, take your time and Build Facebook Audience the right way on your profile. Build relationships with these people!



3.Number three is again Build Facebook Audience through your friends on Facebook (The better way) 



What you can also do it is create lists and put friends in categories, yeah, your family,  friends & prospects..


So even though you may post something on your profile page, you might not want to be pissing off all your family and friends, for example. They’re sick of seeing what you’re doing, You can categorise these people into lists.


Whether you want to call them prospects, whether you want to call them friends in business, whatever you want to call your list I do have a little mini-training on this if you’ve never seen it done before and it’s over on my blog, check it out here


It might help you categorise your friends that you’re generating and creating on your profile, putting them into appropriate lists so you can literally post what you want to post to the right people.  So you’re kind of targeting your audience a little bit more but again it is on a profile.



4.Number four is a business page, of course.



Now the thing is Building Facebook Audience on your profile page, it’s not the way really Facebook likes you to do it.

You can actually get your business closed down if you’re seen to be trying to grow or promote a business on a profile page. Zuckerberg certainly doesn’t want you to do it that way. He wants you to obviously invest money into Facebook advertising.



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So if you’re serious about growing your business, you need to be doing it on a Facebook business page, fan page, whatever you want to call it, they’re all the same thing but you can reach a much wider audience.

So you can target way more than 5,000 people. You can do sponsored ads. You can almost target people right down to the shampoo that they use so you can be connecting with people that really are after what you have. Build Facebook Audience on a business page is by far the best way to go.



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The way I look at is if you wanted to have a mortgage, you would want to be friends with the bank manager. If you want to build a business on Facebook, you want to be friends with Mark Zuckerberg, okay?


You don’t want to be peeing anybody off by building a business on your profile page that can get shut down. Business page hands down is by far the best way to be building your business and generating your audience.


5. Number five is Facebook LIVE!


Of course, at the moment it’s taking Facebook by storm. It is by far the fastest way to get interaction, comments, likes. You would be able to build your audience and then obviously go back and get in touch with the people that have been liking or commenting or interacting with you on your LIVES.

So LIVE IS definitely the fastest way and probably the biggest way to Build Facebook Audience at the moment.


Watch the video in full to hear the pro’s and con’s of both ways to Build Facebook Audience for your home business or network marketing business!




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